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The subconscious - the amazing powerful subconscious mind.

The dreams we remember upon waking and referred to as waking dreams and are of importance always. These waking dreams are signs of what may come.

I am not speaking of nightmares here as that is another way the unconscious brings our hidden fears to the surface and another blog topic all together.

Believe in yourself and always reach for the stars ! You have the courage , patience and passion within you to make a difference . When you have a dream , only you have the responsibility to make it REAL , your new reality. You see , Dreams are never free . It may take time , energy and sacrifice to create the new reality and live your dream. It also takes preparation , determination and effort.

Never compromise or surrender your dreams . A waking dream is a "com - Promise" from the subconscious.

There are many individuals who come to me for healing and somehow think Hypnosis will change their lives on a dime and for fairly simple things like quitting smoking that can happen . However , when we begin to address the deeper challenges we face regarding the deeply embedded emotions from various forms of abuse , trauma etc. it becomes a process and how long that takes depends on the individual and their willingness to take the time , energy and sacrifice to make a new greater reality happen.

Never compromise or surrender your dreams . Learn to believe in yourself , believe in your dreams and they will come true for you !

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