Laura Ellis ~ As founder and CEO of Transitions Liaison since 2010 my intentions are to assist people in the transforming of mindsets which keep us dis-empowered...stuck. Who are my ideal clients? Only individuals who truly desire lasting positive life changes, are psychologically healthy, open-minded and have at least sincere basic spiritual beliefs. A strong desire for change is key to your success and I am results oriented.

A bit of my personal background : 

I am a native New Yorker who spent summers growing up in Brazil. This became a great education for me to be exposed to different cultures over the most impressionable years. During my teen years my peers seemed to recognize I had a unique gift - one I wasn't fully aware of at the time..the gifts of empathy and prophesy. These gifts I have greatly developed over the years and allow me to connect with my clients on very high vibrational levels... further accelerating their lasting results.


I overcame a near death experience in 2009 - in which I was incapacitated for months. As I implemented the spiritual wisdom I had known and was shortly afterwards introduced to hypnosis for PTSD, I defied all the physicians secular prognosis and achieved complete and utter healing from within and out. My experience became my most powerful testimony to date and so along with my training and multiple certifications from the respected American Hypnosis Association along with diplomas in advanced hypnosis techniques and my inert wisdom, I am here to help you overcome all personal challenges you may face... gracefully... intelligently. Hypnosis as a non-therapeutic and philosophical modality is a very effective tool I use and with great, amazing results.


My services are based on personalized spiritual transformational coaching techniques and advanced healing hypnosis sessions in office and via Skype globally. I am also available for keynote speeches and workshops as my schedule allows.


The Name of the Game is Producing Results 


Working with Laura can bring you to discover your core identity, a new healthier understanding of self and breakthrough obstacles once and for all to help you achieve long term positive life changes.


The following are just a few ways she can help you:

  • Understanding and balance of your emotions

  • Self-discovery

  • Pinpoint and overcome stress

  • Overcome abandonment issues

  • Build confidence and overcome self doubts

  • Defuse your existing fears and anxiety

  • Gracefully transition through breakups and divorce

  • Create healthier relationships

  • Past life regression and future life progression

  • Build self esteem

  • Improve body image

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Even lose weight without dieting!


In short, unblocking whatever has been standing in your way of making your dreams of a greater life a reality!

Call 386 492-6492 to arrange your free 15-minute phone consultation and begin the process of transforming your life. Alternatively, you may use the form on the contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Laura builds partnerships with her clients and looks forward to helping you move forward - healing in the areas you have been seeking so to attract

the "right" amazing circumstances in your life!


Reverend Laura Ellis D.A. Hyp CPLT is not a licensed physician or mental health professional. Her services are strictly based on metaphysical philosophies along with her extensive training, certifications and experience. The services provided although sound, are only for psychologically healthy individuals. All her clients do receive written acknowledgment that they have been provided the above information and more, and in detail that the client understands and agrees to. Please note that results vary from person to person and so some programs offered may take longer than others.


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Autumn Sale Aesthetic Post Social Media.
Autumn Sale Aesthetic Post Social Media.

Self Esteem

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Moss Green Travel Photos Animated Social

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Pain Management (1)


Autumn Sale Aesthetic Post Social Media.
Autumn Sale Aesthetic Post Social Media.

Self Esteem


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