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The reality is: You can rise victorious over any challenge and find happiness through the amazing power of your subconscious mind.


No matter which service Laura K. Ellis provides, her highly personalized approach means the experience is completely tailored to your needs. Read on below to learn more about the services offered and to book your complementary consultation . 


Book Initial Intake Session

Initial intake appointment with Laura Ellis D.A. Hyp CPLT

1 hr 30 min first session



Past Life Regression

Other lifetimes can reveal the secrets hidden deep within you and heal your life.

Free initial consult


Keynote Inspirational Speaker

Soul awareness - Identify your core identity - Inspiration

Free initial consult


Transformational Hypnosis Packages

Hypnotherapy to meet the needs unique to each person and situation.

Free initial consult


Healing Genealogical Regression

Heal the past of your ancestors to bring healing energy into the now.

Free initial consult

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Clairvoyant Empathic Readings

 A true transformative experience in helping you find answers.

1 hour private readings by appointment only.

In office or via Skype and Phone

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Lives Between Lives Hypnosis Regression 

 Expect Spiritual healing, spirit guides, soul groups and soul council within these sessions.

Free initial consult


Future Life Progression

Explore your Soul's charted future possibilities to make better future choices.

Free initial consult

Wrapped Gift

Gift Certificate

Give this gift to someone dear to you that can transform their life. 




Certificates available now

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