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Clairvoyant Empathic Readings

A transformative soulful reading experience helping you find answers.

In office or via Skype and Phone

1 hr.


As a natural highly developed Clairvoyant (ability to see future events) and Actualized Empath my one main gift (trait) is called " Sensory Processing Sensitivity" of which only 5% of humans possess. I am able to obtain information of a person, situation or event without any previous knowledge. Needless to say, this greatly enhances my work and has with my clients in my other modalities 

example; Hypnotherapy.


In these hour-long readings I am able to give the client accurate information that from a spiritual perspective that will also enhance awareness and higher understanding.


I was born with these gifts, passed along from both my parents who sadly didn't fully understand them. And so, I have decided to offer this service here knowing how it may help others that are on the spiritual journey forward and meet them where they are on this amazing journey.


 Kindly have your questions ready!


In office or via Skype and Phone. Call to book and purchase your session. 386 492-6492

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Clairvoyant Empathic Readings
1 hr.

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