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Breaking Through Our Past Conditioning

Ignorance can be defined as " not knowing. " As we break into knowledge the first step is realizing that we don't know that we don't know. For most of our young lives, we have been taught by our parents, peers, cultures, church and governments to look to others for direction, and to do what we are told. In other words we have been conditioned to not think for ourselves. And this has put a disempowering effect on us. For the most part we have come to think that we don't or can't know enough, and that others are more capable than we are. This thought process then leads to lack of confidence in our ability to navigate through life and make good decisions for ourselves.

When we were born, out of necessity we depended on our parents or primary caretakers for survival,

protection, and direction. Our subconscious minds were wide open before the age of ten so we accepted their rules and ways of thinking. As we grow up we are told to listen to the doctor, the teachers, a boss and so on...because they know best...but is this always the case?

We think we are free and well taken care of...but are we? I would ask you to really ponder these questions. Those of us who have yet to heal within our minds and be set free of the illusions and false beliefs can be set free when we understand this. Awareness is first, hypnosis then implemented addresses the subconscious as we are / were living our

life according to memories.

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