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Future Life Progression

Explore your Soul's charted future possibilities

15 min.  |  Free initial consult

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Future Life Progression is exactly that - taking the inner journey under hypnosis as the unconscious mind knows all and explore events of your future . This can be profoundly transformative work as time doesn't exist in the higher dimensions. Each session can last up to 90 minutes.
What is even more amazing with this work as it can reveal your current issues and how they are playing out if you do not take the needed action in this lifetime...A future life progression can also reveal to you what your personal soul options have been charted for your future timeline and you will feel how life could be for you given which options you choose. The guidance you could possibly have, originating form your soul contract.

* All sessions need to be prepaid to secure your appointment *
* There are no refunds due to the nature of this work *

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Future Life Progression

15 min.
Free initial consult

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