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Healing Gift Certificates


Holidays or any day! Give the gift that keeps on giving....true natural healing.
Exclusively from Transitions Liaison Global - since 2010


These gift cards may not be exchanged for cash purchased amounts.


They are not transferable. They have a 6 month expiration date.

There are not any refunds for services rendered due to the nature of this work.

Services may be given virtually ( Skype) and or in office by appointments only.

Must be 18 years of age or older unless having verified written parents consent and be psychologically healthy.

 Disclaimer: Laura K. Ellis is not a medical doctor and does not offer medical advice. She operates from proven sound spiritual philosophies.

Gift Card Policy - Gifts with meaning for those you care about!

* All items on products page can be purchased with a gift certificate. Also any amount can be specified toward a service purchase.

Services can be purchased as well. Examples: 3 hypnosis Regressions sessions (packaged) are a gift pack @ $599.00

Smoking Cessation Package of 3 / $599.00


The amount of $1200.00 would be a packaged purchase of 6 weekly Hypnotherapy / Spiritual development sessions.

Call us for more information on your gift card choice. 386 492-6492 We are happy to assist!

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