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Lives Between Lives Hypnosis Regression Session

A life between incarnations, as a spiritual energy, in a spiritual world.

In office or virtually.

2 hrs. 


I will refer to this modality moving forward as BLR. In BLR we focus on the life we have in the spiritual dimension, for the purpose of reviewing and previewing our many past, present and future lives. We have also many 'lives between lives', the most recent being between our past life death and present life birth. It is recommended to have a past life regression beforehand to further enhance results with BLR as this considered to be a form of non-psychical therapy.  These sessions, as will all the regression modalities here are in packages of three.


Past life regression, NL timeline regression involve taking the client back to the cause of their issues and gaining unconscious insights and then resolving them.


BLR therapy often involves taking my client back to the causes of their coming into being, by recalling experiences in the spiritual world.


BLR takes us into a spiritual world beyond the physics of space and time. It could become a philosophical, religious, intellectual, knowledge gathering or escapist exercise. With my BLR sessions the goal is reduce suffering and increase wholeness.


You can expect to connect with the current issues and then the 

Spiritual World

Spirit Guides

Soul groups

and your Soul Council ( Elder wise souls who help review and select our lives.)


Sessions via Skype or in office.

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Lives Between Lives Hypnosis Regression Session
2 hrs.

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