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What is Codependency?

Conventional therapists believe codependency is only connected to families suffering from addiction. Now, it is understood from my 14 years of experience as a hypnotherapist that codependency is a learned behavior inside any family that was/is dysfunctional. It is a result of emotions being repressed and needs not being met.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • It's difficult to set boundaries with others

  • Low-self esteem (or view of yourself)

  • Caretaking (your plate is served last, you're last)

  • A need for control (it's how you feel safest)

  • Difficulty making decisions (because you're afraid of other's reactions)

  • Trouble identifying how you feel (because feelings weren't safe growing up)

  • Chronic anger or strong, emotional reactions

  • An extreme need for approval or recognition

  • Denial of problems (you wait until it's awful to address it)

  • Anxiety around rejection, judgment, or abandonment

  • Intimacy issues in your relationship

  • Lying or faking it because the truth means vulnerability and that doesn't feel safe

If you identify with three or more of the above, you struggle with co-dependency to some degree.

People suffering from codependency often believe that their own needs don't matter. They can also take on the burden of relationships, carrying most, if not all, of the shame and guilt. Thus, the codependent person will turn all of their attention to others which leads to constant fear of abandonment, the crippling anxiety of doing things wrong, and unsatisfying or confused feelings.

While I am not a conventional therapist, I am a cognitive behavioral coach and a muti-certified hypnotherapist with specific training in anxiety, codependency, PTSD, and past life therapy.

The difference between being codependent and independent is that by being independent you no longer give your energy to toxic relationships. You can see clearly that these relationships are unhealthy and the decision to step away, while initially painful, is one of unadulterated freedom!

What I am suggesting here is that you begin unpacking your trauma and taking a serious look at it and how it is affecting your life, so that you can finally step into your purpose, passions, and personal power. Codependence and living in your purpose go together like mayonnaise and peanut butter. Not the most appealing combination!

Codependency drains your spirit, come and arrange to spend a brief time with me by phone and learn what you can do about it with my natural powerful, and personalized methods, you deserve success and happiness!

Being codependent
Ready To Break Free?

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