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Untapping Your Mental Potential

Do you feel the desire for self improvement?

Repetition for new learning is essential over some time for the subconscious to accept and internalize the new mind program - Untapping Your Mental Potential

Think for a moment as a simple example, of how we learned anything as in going back to learning the alphabet. All be repetition.

People who succeed in life have an attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm and they understand the mind connection. The body expresses what the mind is concerned with. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a person usually gets what he or she actively expects. Fear and worries turn into anxiety which is distressful...the production of hormones and antibodies changes; resistance levels are lowered and you become more vulnerable to dis-ease and accident. Understand since your mind and body are trying to comply with your instructions and achieve a condition of "homeostasis" or balance, your mental expectancy is crucial. Obviously, generational and environmental factors are also extremely significant.

There are action applications that can take you to positive self-expectancy and teach you to remain relaxed no matter how much tension you may be under, which goes beyond meditation. The first step is to ask yourself some important questions based on self-appraisal. In my six-month '"rewired" coaching program these specific questions are asked before we begin our work together. There are 10 action applications that will kick-start your subconscious mind's potential into being a positive magnet and push away negative concepts you have endured most likely for many years. These self-appraisal exercises will continue throughout the months so can note your growth and development.

Your mind was created for success! Individuals who grew up in a positive reinforcing environment have a deep-down feeling of their own worth. They know that, contrary to popular belief, this feeling of self-acceptance and deserving is not necessarily a legacy from wise and loving parents-history is full of saints who rose from the gutters and literal monsters who grew up in loving families. People who are considered winners in life are not outer-directed. Recognizing their uniqueness, they develop and maintain their own high standards. Though they recognize the universality of fear and anxiety, winners in life don't give in to these emotions.

If you can accept yourself as you are right now- an imperfect, changing, growing, worthwhile person... you must understand that liking yourself and feeling that you are a super individual in your own special way is not necessarily egotistical. Understand the truth that you have a right to feel joy in believing that you deserve to become the very best in life. And how do we tap into this belief? You do it by becoming relentlessly persistent in rehearsing your newly wanted achievements. It takes days, weeks, and months to overcome old entrenched attitudes and lifestyles.

Proverb: "Habits begin as harmless thoughts - like flimsy cobwebs- then, with practice, become unbreakable cables to shackle or strengthen our lives."

The time it takes to heal (reprogram) the mind really depends on you! What I do know for certain is traditional therapy can take years as the root causes are rarely addressed of someone's challenges. I know this because over the last 14 years of my private practice, 90% of my clients have exhausted this avenue of conventional therapy and this includes medical practitioners.

The subconscious mind is a very very powerful aspect of the human mind! With powerful redirected new thought patterns you can and will change your life!

Your mind holds the keys for change
Your Potential Within

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