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Overcome Abandonment Wounds

People who carry a wound of abandonment can be closed - off , excessively independent people. They are always on their guard and can even refuse to live any type of commitment at all. Defensive behaviour can be the norm for them as they carry an unconscious belief that all kinds of relationships will hurt them . When they do enter into a romantic relationship , they can be manipulative , controlling and usually abandon the relationship before the other partner does. All fear based actions and thoughts of course - and please

know that any relationship involving someone who carries these wounds of abandonment cannot be positive or healthy .

Hypnosis is used to free the client ( s ) from the source of their fear - the trigger event that caused this wound from the past so they can live relationships that are based on trust , commitment and deep feelings.

A permanent change can occur in the emotional lives of these individuals - a beautiful change with specific targeted hypnosis treatments.

In my experience the adults I have treated overcome their deeply hidden fears and move on to to much healthier emotional and romantic relationships

as the unconscious cycles are broken .

Emotional healing can begin right now .

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