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Diets don't work! And here is why - overeating is always emotional. 

New to hypnosis?  It is proven to be the most effective way to sustainable life changes and dates back to the Eygptian era. In this carefully crafted four hypnosis session mp3 set you will be guided through sessions 1 through 4 to allow weight loss and weight control allowing you to step into your best healthier and slimmer you! You are to listen to each session beginning with the first for a minimum of 14 days nightly ( bedtime). If you fall asleep listening not to worry as the subconscious mind is always listening. These four mp3s are structured  for a comprehensive weight loss protocol so it is highly recommended you follow the instructions and listen to them only in the order they are in and for the consecutive (consistency is key for epic results) nightly listening each of at least 14 days. (earbuds/headphones recommended.)  With hypnosis your subconscious does the work so we suggest not to diet or get on a scale, the results will be subtle, yet effective and sustainable to help you lose or control your weight  and bring you success in a powerful way that defies mainstream logic. You will be able to break free from your negative eating habits forever with repeated listening for 90 days!

* Never listen to these hypnotic mp3s while driving* 

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These carefully crafted hypnotic mp3's are never a substitute for personalized one on one sessions, however they are great to begin the process and or maintain weight control.

Hypnosis House Call - Perfect Weight Loss mp3 set

  • I purchased this mp3 set just one month ago when it first came out, at first I was a bit skeptical but I can testify that after just two weeks of faithful listening nightly I was finding my old desires for certain foods that clearly were not good for me began to disappear!  Can't wait to see what happens upon the final and 4th mp3. Amazing!

    ~ Linda B.

    After the first 14 days in a row I have seen significant changes! I am eating only to feel full and stop! I also notice feeling fuller longer. I trust the weight will begin coming off soon.

    ~ Andy S.

    This is  a great audio set!  I am 3 weeks in and notice my desires for some things I loved to eat are no longer as strong and I feel much more relaxed!

    ~ Susan M.

    If you are committed to losing weight listen to this mp3 set as the instructions tell you and after a period time you will see your begin mind change and then the weight begins to come off!  It did for me during 6 months of listening. ~ Lee F. 

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