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De-stress Hypnosis session is a 30 minute virtual session designed to help individuals bring a calm state of state mind.  Led by Laura K. Ellis an experienced hypnotherapist, the class will guide participants through a series of hypnotic exercises that will help them tap into their subconscious and access higher states of consciousness. Whether you're looking to manage stress or simply gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the higher vibrational beings that support you, this session can help you achieve these goals and transform your current stressalong with ways of thinking and being.  Join us today and discover the power of hypnosis in accessing the subconscious mind!

Holiday Special De-Stress Virtual Session

  • These special sessions are for a limited time only!

    Early evening only appointments available.

     Choose your time on your remittance here and we will confirm your Skype seat. This is a 30 minute session.

    * Note: There are no refunds due to the nature of this work.

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