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Past Life Regression

Other lifetimes can reveal the secrets hidden deep within you.

15 min.  |  Free initial consult

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Take the inner journey with Laura as she is a certified Past Life Therapist - she will guide you safely under hypnosis to resolve and heal family history patterns, release karma, and learn self discovery all by the retrieval of memories that lie deep within the subconscious mind. Who were you in a past-life? How may it be of impact to you in this lifetime? Soulmates? Generational repeating challenges? Repeating dreams? These sessions are booked for up to 2 hours in length and a free 15 minute phone consult is offered before your booking. A past-life journey will reveal the deeper minds secrets and can help you have a better understanding of your life as it today and help you to transform patterns from past generational ties. Three weekly / bi-weekly sessions are highly recommended for optimal results and may be purchased for a packaged rate of $699.00.  A single session can be made @ $300.00

Phone in to inquire and purchase.
* All sessions are prepaid to secure your appointment *
* There are not any refunds due to the nature of this service*

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Past Life Regression
15 min.
Free initial consult

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