Spiritual Development Life Coaching

Soul-utions for Life Changes

15 min.  |  Free initial consult

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Metaphysical personal life coaching can be defined as the process of personal growth based on the function of the mind and objective reality. In this process of counsel each person is treated as an individual that follows a unique path. An effort is made with various methods and techniques best suited to each person's existential situation, goals, desires and path development. This process of personal growth can gain momentum and bring a more joyful and balanced life. The individual becomes truth centered and gradually able to follow their own path, guided by their own inner knowing or true self and has learned to trust their own new found awareness to move forward with lasting confidence.

These sessions are magical in that they assist you to rediscover your core identity. Often times through divorce, becoming widowed or just finding yourself alone on your journey and we feel lost, anxiety may surface yet you want to live your best life moving forward. Maybe you have a deeply embedded fear of poverty? Somewhere deep inside lies your truth and together we can have you living it, instead of the lie. These sessions can be packaged for your commitment to make changes and better structure your goal achievement and for a special rate. Call 386 492-6492 or email us to arrange your Free 15 minute phone consultation. Inquire prior to booking.

Note: By purchasing and booking your appointments , no refunds are given due to the nature of this work. Any changes to your appointment time must be given with a 24 notice or you will lose you appointment.

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Spiritual Development Life Coaching
15 min.
Free initial consult