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Create Amazing Self-Esteem

Learn to fall in love with yourself with this Micro Coaching Course

15 min.  |  Free initial consult

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Lack of self-value stems all the way back to childhood memories, conscious and unconscious. You need to de-hypnotize yourself from beliefs that hold you in a "I am less than" mentality and that effect your realtionships, career, health, ability to create money and much more.
In this weekly course of 4 lessons delivered every Thursday you will learn why mental imaging is so powerful and learn how to activate the success secret within you.You will also have access to Laura during the weekly lessons to interact with and answer all your questions via email in the weeks ahead. On the final weekly lesson there will be a virtual gathering over Skype ( you don't need account you will be sent a link ) to further enhance what you have learned along with closing questions and answers . Below is a list of what to expect:
* Find your best self
* Learn the secret to mental Imaging and why it is so powerful
* Weekly lessons that come to you along with mind training exercises
* Learn why you tolerate the relationships that do not serve you and move on
* Learn how to heal from the broken past
* Learn what to do with the traits that have served their purpose
* Pain or Pleasure? Learn to stay on the right path
* A live virtual group session upon conclusion of this course
* Support during this course via email

The lessons and homework assignments will come to your inbox weekly, know that they are proven and powerful. The lessons will be written and or audio and time restricted to not give you fluff, just being curriculum driven. Your access to Laura will also be via email throughout this course until the final virtual meeting/lesson. This course is limited to 30 students. Self empowerment is key to a greater existence in all areas of life, take your God given power back and learn the secrets to developing this power leads to life success! Relationship challenges will be a major focus here. A greater life is calling you! Knowledge is power... * If needed,Sezzle is a new platform for us and can extend your payment over 6 weeks, fast financing, no credit check and at 0% interest*. The link button is on this page at the top..*

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