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Did you know that hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate in just 6 sessions?  Talk therapy can take years...

Personal discovery is the best investment that you can make if you truly wish to change your life.


Advanced Hypnotherapy in
Port Orange, FL

Laura K. Ellis offers customized advanced hypnotherapy sessions in Port Orange, FL and on a virtual basis.  You will finally get the help & tools you need to truly transform your life. As a leading Hypnotherapist since 2010, Laura ensures you can expect the highest personalized standards in the industry.

 Working With Laura K. Ellis

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For over 17 years, Laura has devoted her life to helping people overcome challenges deeply rooted in their subconscious mind and live the lives they are meant to live. Laura founded Transitions Liaison Global in 2010 and is considered an exceedingly complex woman and global expert in her field of work.

Her compassionate and highly developed empathic approach puts her clients on the fast-track to healing, earning the trust and love of so many people worldwide. Among them: individuals in the medical field, attorneys, high-profile entertainers and countless others from all walks of life.

Read more about her client's successes on the testimonials page.

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Take control of your life!

Do you feel as if your desires, goals and needs are consistently blocked from you ability to achieve them?

Whether anxiety, fears, self esteem issues, and addictions to name just a few have held you captive...

There is a powerful, natural way to lasting change through the subconscious mind!


Her expert personalized services are offered on either a virtual basis and or in her home office, which is a very nurturing & safe environment. Skype sessions (from the comfort of her client's own home) are also a great alternative as she continues to expand her global reach. Ready to request and book your complimentary initial phone consultation? Your life is waiting... ​

Certified & Highly Intuitive

Laura is a multi certified Master Hypnotist with over 11 years of experience and a member of AHA, the American Hypnosis Association and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.. Laura has studied extensively and is equally certified in Erickson hypnosis techniques as well as developing her own hypnosis weight loss program "Perfect Image."  


Laura also implements a Jungian technique that helps utilize each individual's unique inner resources to get in touch with his or her "inner child" for coping and overcoming real challenges in everyday life that are deeply rooted in the subconscious. Always working with her clients in ways that are unique and comfortable to them and that are all based on sound proven natural philosophies.


Laura specializes in working with individuals in their midlife and later years who seek to make dramatic positive lifelong changes and have at least a basic understanding of spirituality. In the last 11 years since the inception of Transitions Liaison Global, she has developed a technique for her clients to experience truth through their own experience using her spiritually based advanced hypnosis sessions. A path can be cleared for her clients to get unstuck and achieve the desires and goals that had previously seemed out of reach.


Her approach—different from that of most others in her field—is proven effective.  Transformative life coaching is another powerful tool Laura implements depending on the individual and his or her unique needs. You can learn more about the other modalities she offers by visiting the Services and About page.


Services Include


Hypnosis for  Self-Esteem

& Anxiety Issues


Explore Healing Past Life 

Regression Therapy


Our Own Hypnosis

Weight Loss Program


"Wow! Entering the home office of Laura Ellis I immediately knew I was in the right place. A deep serene energy radiated everywhere, I could have stayed all afternoon if she would have let me! lol  Laura came to me as a referral and I can say she is a woman who walks the talk, focused and educated. A rare find and I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about making changes in their lives. I came for a past life experience and have actually had two now with her, she is an expert and has set my expectations much higher than they were."

- Lisa M.


"I have made so many changes since I started working with Laura. I did finally leave and move out of an abusive relationship I had been in for years. As I write this, I have been living on my own now 5 months. Moving into hypnosis with Laura for my self-esteem now has me feeling so much happier and secure. Thank you Laura for not giving up on me."

- Susana V.

New York

"How do I begin to Thank Laura for all she has helped me with and through? I was referred to Laura while I was in the midst of a deep cavern, and also recently widowed. Laura, with her gifts and non-traditional approach has led me to the precipice of a new life, breaking free of constraints and FEAR. None of this was possible pre-Laura. For those considering her healing methods, I pose this question to you... What do you have to lose when your world can be transformed in ways you cannot measure?"

- Michelle W. RNBS


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