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Healing Genealogical Regression

Other lifetimes can reveal the secrets hidden deep within you.

15 min.  |  Free initial consult

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A genealogical regression differs from a past- life regression, instead of journeying back in time within your own past -life history you are led back in time healing past events that happened to your ancestors. Choosing whether it's your father's family history at a session, or perhaps your mother's for example. In doing so you are changing the future and current timeline, bringing release to bring happiness into the family. You become a spiritual time traveler, observing the events from above their timeline your ancestors need for healing. I have so often stated that we came forth to break the chains of those that came before us. Individuals undergoing these sessions affect everyone in their ancestral line. A great a transformation can take place when you send love and light to those who have wronged you and or your family. Extending Grace from the theater of your mind. Of course there may be others in your timeline who you may need to ask forgiveness to. Are you ready to commit to creating a brighter future by believing you can let go and heal the past previous events? You will gain greater awareness of what has been happening in your family over and over again, bring enrichment / healing to your family and all others who connect with you as you'll be reaching a higher level of vibration in doing this work. Several consecutive weekly sessions are highly recommended and may purchased at a packaged rate of $599.00. Phone in to inquire and purchase to 386 492-6492.

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Healing Genealogical Regression

15 min.
Free initial consult

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