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This hypnotic bedtime story was created to guide you through a series of visualizations in order to allow your subconscious mind to bring you information of... the kingdom within you!

Allowing you to access the energy via your inner mind which is the source of power and wisdom.


Keep in mind this is a spiritual inner journey to be listened to at bedtime which will also help to deeply relax you. You will experience a feeling of peace and serenity as well as be bringing awareness to some of the difficulties in your life. Your subconscious mind knows all. Repeated listening will enhance this experience for you as higher states of awareness become more evident.


Relax and enjoy,  earbuds recommended and never listen while driving.

Connect To Your Inner Knowledge - Hypnotic Bedtime Story

  • I loved this, an adult bedtime story was a first for me. Listening put me in such a wonderful dreamy state and then I drifted off to la la land. ~ Lucinda R.

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