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What is this Meditation stuff all about?

Hi, my name is Sheena Matos, I am a Law of Attraction life coach and Meditation Practitioner. Many clients of mine ask, what is all the hype regarding meditation?

The idea of meditating can be daunting for many people because it sounds too difficult, if not impossible to sit quietly and think of nothing. Am I right?

I used to believe the only way to meditate was to sit in a lotus position on the floor chanting "om," which, let's be honest that just did not appeal to me or get me excited to try it. While that is indeed one type of meditation that is practiced in many areas of the world, it's far from the only one. There are many ways you can meditate. I like to call what I teach "Modern Day Meditation." The reason I call it modern-day meditation, is because in today's world it's not practical to clear your mind and have no thoughts. Can it be done, yes! However, it's far more likely to want to meditate if you are not feeling pressure to clear your mind. Some of my best ideas have come to me during meditation.

Meditation is anything that focuses your mind on the present moment, and a mantra is any word or phrase that focuses you on an intention or affirmation. One of my favorite forms of meditation is affirmation meditation. I sit comfortably on a chair with my back supported, spine straight, and head free. With any form of meditation, it always starts with breathing. In many of my sessions, I teach breathing techniques you can use anywhere to help you stay centered and calm when dealing with stressful situations. Breath is life! Learning to control your breathing is key to learning how to meditate.

Once I feel calm and relaxed from taking deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth, I begin to focus on a mantra. One that I like to say a lot is "Abundance flows to me in expected, and unexpected ways." I repeated this phrase over and over. If my mind wanders, I just bring it back to my breathing and begin the mantra again. Speaking the affirmations allows me to focus my mind. You can use this technique with anything you'd like to manifest. Focus your intentions on an object or place, then see yourself enjoying it. Thoughts will come and go and that's perfectly normal, just allow them to be, without judgment. If you find you're thinking about laundry, chores, or things you need to get done during the day, allow those thoughts to go up into a thought bubble and float away. You can come back to them later. It's not about quieting your mind, it's about allowing your thought to flow without force or questioning. Sometimes, I will keep a pad of paper next to me during meditation, in case a great idea pops up. I will quickly jot it down then go back into the meditation. This helps me remember it later. Once I write it down, I can let it go into a thought bubble and continue my mantra.

Another way to do this type of meditation is by chanting a mantra word, such as "Peace, Joy, Healing, Abundance, Love, Wealth, Gratitude," or anything else you'd like to focus on. You can do this by saying the word out loud or in your head. Whichever feels right to you. When you do this I find it's helpful to use a Crystal, Sage, Paleo Santo, or a Tibetian Singing Bowl to boost the vibrations. These tools can enhance meditation but are not necessary. These tools can help you increase the power of energy and intention around your focused thought.

Focus can be difficult in meditation, so using a mantra or affirmation as well as one or more of the tools above can make the practice more accessible and enjoyable. I recommend putting meditation on your to-do list every day. Start at just 5 minutes a day. Then work your way up to 20 or more, as you see fit. The more you do it, the better and easier it will get. Your brain is like a muscle, if you want to work out your brain it must be done consistently, just like you would if you were joining a gym to gain muscle tone in your body. Practice makes perfect.

Meditation is a learned skill. What I mean is, it's not something we are born knowing how to do. Our brains are used to being in fight or flight mode, so calming it down takes practice. Think of the 5-year-old who is an energizer bunny until they just crash and fall asleep. This is true for adults as well. That's why I felt called to teach meditation and become a life coach. When you can learn to relax, breathe, and meditate, you will begin to see things with a whole new perspective. You'll find you don't lose your temper as much, and that you can deal with stress so much better than before.

I hope that I can bring a sense of calmness into your life by teaching you easy, yet effective ways to meditate, de-stress, and magnetize the things you want in life.

Sending each of you Love and Light,

Sheena Matos

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