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The New You, Becoming Comfortable After Healing Hypnosis

Changes are good correct? You've been investing diligently in yourself to create change in your life and now have achieved it! You have the opportunity to now write a new story for the new you, however the "old " you has left footprints in the sand all around your life. The new you may feel a bit foreign to you and to others it may feel like the person they used to know has been abducted by beings from another planet.

Throughout the years you have had numerous interactions with other people, family etc. In the course of those years you have shown people who you have become. They learned what to expect from you, how much you would put up with and maybe even how to get their way with you. Those of you who have undergone hypnosis transformation regarding core self esteem challenges and have become more confident, or you may have made changes regarding weight issues and now became thinner as examples. When we make these inner changes we frequently put up with much less than we used to. You have become a new version of yourself, different, happier, confident and less easy to manage...thankfully!

This new adjustment period can be fun as well, as what people used to do that bothered you you now view them as funny people and not much more. You see they may have also wanted to see you more confident for example and now that you have accomplished that they can feel threatened.

When you change your mind and or your body others will need to re-learn the new you. Hopefully many people in your inner circles will celebrate your own success and adjust well to the new you, but never give up your new higher ground to those who do not. Achieving personal growth always comes at a price as your transformation required a lot of comittment. You've made it and have done what many never will do sadly. Relationships that fail during your new process would have failed at some point anyway. And in all honesty, if you're in a relationship with someone who values his/her own convenience above your happiness; is that a relationship you want to continue?

The bottom line, you have undergone an amazing inner journey, embrace the new you and those people in your life who are keepers that have ridden the wave of all your personal growth cycles, those who weren't meant to stick with you will fall by the wayside of the new you and rightly so!

Your very own new you story awaits your input into the present and your future.

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