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Owning Your Power

You own a power within, it became yours at birth, but so many of my clients come to me seemingly void of their power. The questions written across their faces is "how can I? What can I do connect with this power?"

This is not an easy question to answer, except to explain that we all have to begin somewhere. And if you are reading this it could be your beginning. Slowly and carefully, and with patience and discipline. But the human being is generally impatient, undisciplined, and often times I find careless, especially with regard to the soul.

The idea of connecting with our soul, with our spiritual force, sounds too hard, too difficult a task. Many individuals care to spend the time and energy that it takes for self - development / empowerment. But what if you could take baby steps? What if we could begin with easy steps and progress slowly to the more demanding ones? What then? Sounds boring, frustrating. What about a miracle, an easier way? There isn't one, and you know there isn't, there simply is not.

So what is the power?

What is the power we are discussing here of owning?

1. Having true faith

2.Knowing the rules in this game of life.

3. Believing anything is possible

4. Discovery of your own inner self.

5. Magic

6. Acceptance of your primitive instincts

7. Knowing there is a froce that makes all things possible

Sadly, most of us see ourselves as powerless to affect anything other than those situations that are part of our own small world, it is also known that for many the very word "power" is often connected to ideas of aggression, control, rule. So life deals you a lousy deck of cards. Should you presume that we are powerless to change it? No, we should not. Countless people who have been forced to face their crule reality do have more reason, it seems, than others to try, to work at life, and to embrance their spiritual connections. The road alone is difficult, without a very experienced mentor / coach who has reached this higher vibration supporting you, guiding you, teaching you... but they know the individuals potential rewards for this inner journey are amazing, and they are. People coming to books alone with the expectation of finding instant knowledge will be disappointed. I know the question--- " How long does it take?"------requires an answer. However, those who seek my services expecting the norm, will not find it. How long it takes for you to develop wings and fly solo depends completely on you. What I can tell you is I have been forced to seek that which is in the unseen world, the power within me and prove it to be so. This lifetime I have had many life experiences too many to mention here that were consistently vibrating somewhere between traumatic and the miraculous. I recognize going way back into my childhood I was to become a Master teacher and a powerful one at that. And so combined with my education, and highly developed empathic abilities have spent over 30 years dedicated to what has in the last decade become a very rewarding life. Having my clients remain in touch with me over the years even when our work together has concluded is an amazing gift as well. I can tell you that self- empowerment once obtained is ever-present and will give you the tools to transform your life in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Owning your power, learning all that is required to do so can be like a spider hidden in rose petals. The more you seek to discover, the more you look, the more you see all that you did not see before.

With me-the less complex I can make your progress, the less confused you will be, and more likely it is you will stay on your toward owning your power-self dicovery. We are energy, the power of the mind, the power of thought, the imagination IS the most powerful energy that humans possess.

Want to learn more ? Do you dare to know you are more than good enough?

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