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Your Perfect Image …

June Greetings !

Here in the lovely Daytona Florida it’s almost always summer …this is meant to reach anyone who is serious about improving their health , ideal weight and well-being . Summer tends to be the  time of year people show more of themselves due to the warmer weather and want to feel good in doing so. The weight -loss industry in this country alone is a billion dollar a year industry … Having most believe they can lose weight and maintain it by diet fads and pre-packaged foods ( which are not healthy)  etc. 

As I work primarily with women – I have recognized the effects and cause of those who are plagued by this pattern of emotional stress and the effects it can have on their self-esteem. As women our body image is of utmost importance ….that being said I have developed a ” Perfect Image Hypnosis Weight loss Program ” . With this program you breakthrough limiting unconscious belief’s that sabotage your success and are able to discover your authentic self. Targeted Hypnosis combined with all natural products personalized for you to detox your body in beginning the process , then implementing combination proteins and more…lead to lasting success for your ideal weight and size goals.

Addressing the “real ” issues at their root cause ie: unconscious beliefs – leads to losing weight intelligently , gracefully that can last a lifetime.

For more information or Inquire e-mail – Subject ” Your Perfect Image ” and I am more than happy to answer your questions and provide more information to you . Your commitment to invest in lasting change is always key . You may also visit my web-site for general information here .

To your success and Happiness !


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