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Power of the Transformed Mind

As I sit here writing this I am fully aware of the transformation within myself . A spiritual warrior in that I never ever gave in or gave up in what I became witness to countless times from the outside world. That being said , I understand how powerful I have become in all the adversity and that I am more than a healer / a teacher . I am a highly developed clairvoyant empath . This gift assists me greatly in the “work” I do and certainly becomes of greater benefit to those who come to me and have the courage to move forward toward their best life. 

Transformation of self can take many forms . Excellence . High-level performance. Peace of mind. All are results of transformation. There are no magic pills one can take ( contrary to what ” some” would like you to believe ) . There is not a peak experience that will bring lasting results as everything is a process. Think of it : Birth is a process , growing , learning a process and inevitably as is death. The key is execution . Execution requires repetition . Repetition translates into success.

The beauty of Hypnotherapy is that Homeostasis ( a condition- a drive to remain the same at a cellular level ) can be a recipe for this resistance bringing success . Steady incremental change can also take place with the correct life coaching process.

Hypnotherapy accelerates change. This I know because I was once on the forefront of this marvelous healing modality myself. I firmly believe that to become a great healer you must not only gain the knowledge of your desired field , but have the experiences , the overcoming to assist others in bringing them to higher levels for positive lasting changes.

Repeated success build confidence and when confidence becomes habitual, we gain the powerful and wonderful belief that anything is possible . This is the process of the transformed mind , power of self.transformed

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