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Over Eating ? Might Not Be Your Fault

As the New Year is almost upon us… I am here to tell you what you’ve probably always secretly suspected , ” Your overeating habits are really not your fault !

Most individuals that have excessive eating challenges can’t seem to do anything about it . In fact , if you are reading this and overweight you’ll probably agree it’s almost as if there’s an inner force that keeps you eating regardless of the challenges and health issues it causes you .

The truth is there really is something inside you that keeps forcing you to overeat ! On a slightly technical side , there is a level of hypnotic relaxation used for hypno-analysis known as somnambulism . Hypnotic somnambulism during a hypnosis session has you begin to discover for yourself that as a  young child you were slender and never gave a thought about what you ate. However , as with the vast majority of overeating challenges are formed over the years during which the child was forced to deal with stress and strains that you were ill prepared to cope with at that time. What then happens is unknowingly the challenges faced become buried deep within …in the subconscious. Of course in some instances genetics plays a part but can also be dealt with .

With successful hypnosis the individual not only loses weight , but remains slender without heavy dieting . This is because the true underlying cause driving the overeating is gone. So …no cause – no effect !  I have developed a program designed for women that is proven very effective based on your desire for profound change. Lose up to 25 lbs in 6 weeks gracefully followed by 6 week increments for more weight loss if desired. This is not a diet.

This is a program designed under hypnosis , personalized and administered from the comfort and privacy of your home via Skype. 6 weekly sessions with 24/7 e-mail support.

If this interests you and you are serious about making your life healthier , happier without drugs. or diets . Contact me @ to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation- subject line : Perfect Image Hypnosis .Now through 1/18/2017 Special Winter Rates !

and to all of you a Blessed Healthy New Year 2017 !

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