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How Resilient Are You ?

Napolean Hill was quoted as stating :  Most People have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure .

In this faced paced world of today , changes are all around us . Resilience is a learned/ developed skill needed for getting ahead , keeping your jobs , and building powerful relationships. Many people hang on to what was , afraid of change. Change should not be allowed to intimidate you. It presents itself as an opportunity for growth . A strong support system is key to resilience. Never underestimate the power of good council and good relationships to assist you through difficult challenges.

The first step in becoming more resilient is to embrace the now …what is . Resilient people think differently .They remain optimistic in the face of a challenge. If you tell yourself ” I don’t want to deal with all these changes” you are needing to work on your thought process . Learn to transform your mind ..because you can .

Reverend Laura Ellis CPLT

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