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Do You Think Your Friend Needs Coaching / Counsel ?

  A stressful time of the year ..for many .

When you think a friend may need some assistance what should you do ?

What should you say ?   These are some very common thoughts… and certainly you will want to make the suggestions in a tender loving way . It just may change their life ! Below I am going to leave a few insights as to what clues might you have that coaching / counsel would be of great benefit to them or yourself . Life can be filled with difficulties , and part of living is coping with those difficulties, transforming them and then moving forward .  Friends can be of help at times., however, at times they just are not equipped to assist you ….or you may not want to burden them .

Here are a few of the clues I mentioned above …ponder them , Life is meant to be Glorious ..suffering is only optional .

*  A situation you feel is too big for you / them and therefore become overwhelmed.

*  You hear the same problems over and over again and nothing seems to change.

*  You / your friend states they want to make a significant investment to improve their life.

You might want to say to them something like :  “Mike , this situation seems like a really big one . I still want to be a friend and speak with you , however , I don’t think I can give you as much help as I believe you want to have .” What better gift to give them ?  For options and more information visit Transitions

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