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Are You Easy To Love ?

Did you know ?  In a groundbreaking 30-year Harvard study of more than 12, 000 people showed that your odds of being happy increase 15 percent if someone in your social circle is truly happy with who they are .

I find this interesting : Proverbs 27:17  reads :

As Iron sharpens iron , so one person sharpens ar

In my years of teaching and personal coaching I find 90 % of the core challenges my clients have are relationship based.Not surprising really , knowing what I know about the subconscious mind RULES our lives.

We hear so much about the Law of Attraction , as in a brief mention above on my first paragraph .Truth is , if your subconscious is not in alignment ( re – directed ) it will continue to play out situations that it has taken in as truth from your early childhood years 0-10 years of age. So, if you happen to connect with a truly happy person that makes you feel this way as well ..odds are it will not last because the oh so powerful subconscious will deem this person as not a good match ..and then what happens ? Well, some label it Self-Sabotage . The answers to these challenges are simple , yet complex.

I have just developed a Mastery E-course topic and teaching : Are You Easy To Love  ? This is a 6 weekly course that will give you a new awareness and the tools to potentially change all of your relationships or to attract new healthy ones !

Enrollment has begun and more information is available when you click the link.

To your Highest and Best self !


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