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An Epilogue from a Psychic Empath

As I mature and continue to understand most deeply & accept my special gift …acceptance is the key word here – I felt most recently the need to come forth and not make attempts to disguise the magnitude of my gift any longer.

I recognize my gift as special and rare – having the ability to feel others emotions as if they were my own , having the ability to “read” their thoughts as well , along with projected future events. Growing up I was most shy and sensitive ..often being confused by people’s reactions to my sensitivity. It really wasn’t until my teen years where I began to be aware that I was in fact different from most people. To this day …people I knew back then make comment that they always felt me to be very ” perceptive ” , I find those comments very interesting as I had no idea at that time anyone recognized those traits of mine.

Over the years I have grown into what others describe a highly developed Psychic Empath – having many mystical experiences , seeming miracles and the ability to assist many others along their life path without passing judgement. Some of my best work I feel has been in helping others transmute and heal emotional traumas . I have worked with animals in a unique form of energy healings with great success as well . Precognition is another skill / gift I retain as I have projected events before they actually happen …from simple things as knowing someone would be knocking at the door in 10 minutes to events that were meant as warnings to others.

I have never written any article / blog prior to this one this day regarding my gifts as I had always felt the uncomfortable need to minimize them – perhaps the world imposed those false beliefs within me.  This is very freeing actually and I consider it a fearless act. This will be the epilogue to a book – an autobiography I have decided to write. Being often over the years misunderstood… the New Age Awakening that began in the 1970’s – 1980’s I am feeling it is now time for me to reach more people globally and share these special gifts I have been given …it is of  no surprise then as I have been “working” as a Spiritual Counselor /Coach implementing other modalities that last 16 years . As my clients speak to me I am able to feel their emotions running through me and thereby identify the areas that need healing and guidance- and that is just the beginning .

So I have let the “cat of the bag” .. 🙂 and cannot describe the feelings …total acceptance of self ,  fearless …peace, excitement , and yet still that shy little girl inside that has moved many mountains and feels the deep connection with all living breathing things, with love , respect and gratitude.


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