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Letting Go of Worrisome Thoughts

Naturally, the easier we let go of worrisome thoughts, the easier it is for us to relax. Sometimes these anxious thoughts tie us down and keep us from moving where we are to where we want to be...It's somewhat like a tug-of-war when both sides are dug in and refuse to give any ground. You may understand the feeling, you wouldn't dare move forward because that would be giving in to the unknown, and yet you lack the strength to back away from the situation of straining to handle everything at the same time.

So, you are stuck, yet, have you ever wondered or witnessed what happens when you let go? Letting go instead of holding on to that which does not serve you can be very challenging and I won't pretend it is not, however once you do, instantly you can be free.

Free of the grip it has held on you, needless worry, anger, negative acts, to name a few.

Letting the cards fall as they may is an older cliche, yet holds much truth. No one is free until they have the courage to at least take a step forward in whatever form that may be in becoming un - stuck. You must first want change, and want it so much as if your head is being held under water and you wish to come up for air. ( Plato )

I know first hand what it takes, and it takes a lot, however the freedom it brings is quite remarkable.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool I use to help my clients release the deeply buried fears in the unconscious that make the process

much easier and with lasting results.

When you are ready, allow yourself back into the wonderful world around you and the wonderful new peacefulness you have

found within.


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