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Good-bye to Self-Sabotage

Aside from the amazing results of hypnosis in diffusing self -sabotage , a good-bye letter to negative self-talk can help you gain a sense of control. This would be similar to a " Dear John" letter to the negative voice that has held you back from your highest and best life. It can also help realize that you have control over much of your negative self-talk , at least on a conscious level.

You can imagine this negative voice or saboteur as a big bully who you have allowed to pick on you for most of your life. Right now , you have the opportunity to help yourself in taking your power back . A good-bye letter to your self-defeating thoughts and habits can be incredibly freeing . I have witnessed individuals in groups

light up and smile after writing one of these letters.

A letter such as this can lift the weight of negativity and depression and give you a sense of empowerment. Many of us have been carrying around the same old negative beliefs from which we may have been criticized or belittled by our parents, caretakers and such and internalized these messages. On the other hand , they may have also stemmed from previous lifetimes.

Your " Dear Saboteur " letter is an exercise that will help you realize that you can quiet the negative chatter and stop reinforcing the negativity. This may not be easy , as in the beauty of hypnosis reaching down to the unconscious level for lasting change - however all is change is good and all change is possible .Thankfully.

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