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Why Many Thoughts Are Fear Based

Have you wondered why intentions , thoughts and spoken words can be ridden with fear ?

One profound seemingly hidden fact is that the mainstream media continuously bombards us with fear - based stories in hope that

that those individuals will ultimately lose their civil liberties as they live in fear.

Why doesn't anyone on the TV recommend going within themselves for answers ???

Every ad shows some extrovert with his or her group of friends living a fictitious life that make you FEEL you should be living -

and these people almost always have above average looks and portray amazing success , which subconsciously tells the viewers that

they are not good enough the way they are and if they want to be successful , beautiful and have friends like them , then they need

to purchase whatever it is they are selling.

To sum it up :

The average individual in the U.S.A. watches four hours of commercial ridden television each new day. Over the course of a year , they will

view over 25,000 commercials , many of which are actually produced by the world's highest - paid cognitive psychologists . Their job is to figure out

how to grab the viewers attention and make them feel deficient if they don't purchase their client's products. These heavily produced advertisements

are not only for products , but also for a lifestyle based on a consumer mind-set. I certainly know a plethora regarding mind-sets. What they are doing

day in and day out , 25,000 times a year , is hypnotizing the viewers into seeing themselves as consumers who want to be entertained rather than citizens who want to be informed and engaged.

It's time to wake up america and take your power back - because not only will you create a greater life experience , but the planet earth needs you to !

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