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Create Personal Power in Relationships

The subconscious mind carries a wealth of information that leads back for many years and lifetimes. You subconscious mind also creates your reality based on the beliefs that you have - and that is where the catch phrase derives " As a person thinks they become. " So if you believe that it is difficult to make money or enjoy life then your subconscious mind will create the situations in your life so that becomes your truth.

If you believe that is difficult to meet people and have healthy relationships then your subconscious mind will create difficult and unhealthy relationships for you. You see, whatever beliefs you hold, whatever thoughts you have that support that belief will become your reality. These beliefs that you carry start with a single thought, which attracts another thought that supports it and soon your reality supports that belief. So you end up in this cycle where you continually create the life you may not want - all because of the one single thought that you absorbed many years ago in childhood.

In order to change your reality, you need to change your deeply embedded beliefs.

Why do you continually attract unhealthy relationships ?

Your subconscious mind does not know right from wrong, however it is a powerhouse! It does not contain a moral clause.

The subconscious acts on instructions it is given.

So what happened in your childhood ? In my experience many many things occur before the ripe age of 10. The subconscious mind from womb to 10 years of age is like a sponge and absorbs everything in the environment you are in. The good, the bad and the ugly. We then become the product of that environment unless you work to change the beliefs that will change your thoughts. In traditional therapies this could take years, even a lifetime.

Everything begins with a feeling or emotional trigger I refer to them as - then the auto thought / belief taken in years ago. This is where I may come in and we begin working together. Hypnosis and or Spiritual development are a powerful combination I implement for lasting life changes, if you are wanting a new healthy relationship you must first come from a healthy thought process to attract one. Going from where you are to where you want to be requires a specific plan unique to you - so that you accomplish what you want by following a set of principles to get there. Please know you can get there and that true desire and investment in yourself is key to transforming your life from where you are currently to that which you may have only dreamed of and dreams can come true !

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Sep 05, 2021

Thanks great bblog

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