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You can't make this stuff up !

The approach I use with my clients regarding hypnosis are mostly consistent with the teachings of the famous late Milton Ericksonian.

Hypnosis is a powerful process , with a 5,000 year history dating to ancient Egyptian and Greek sleep temples. From the days past of Anton Mesmer , the process of hypnosis has been stigmatized , and even officially disparaged by the royal commission led by Ben Franklin. However, in today's world - modern brain imaging now shows exactly how suggestive change works. The data is in . It is time to now lay aside the hocus - pocus of the past limited thinking and embrace a scientific understanding of suggestion.

Hypnosis in it's use for POSITIVE life change , brings emotional change which is fast , powerful and different - breaking down the barriers .

You will be amazed ...

Can someone please turn off the boob tube now ?

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