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Bringing Order Within You

A time out to confront the emotional clutter that has invaded your mental closet.

We need to remind ourselves to take a pause for introspection - a mindful correction in the stressful times of living.One way to do this is to take a few moments each day and go within , pause for these moments and understand what drives you crazy and what you have been too distracted to do anything about. All these situations that might upset you are reminders of what needs order within your mind - healing .

There is a better way to live and it all begins within ourselves - awareness of our stress is the first step to inner peace and clarity. Meditation is of course is a practice and like most everything else a process must be followed as we change as we expand our awareness. There are many effective ways to meditate , however I feel being in nature is the most gratifying and effective way . I have actually written an e-book on the subject which includes a step by step meditation teaching .

Begin to bring the order within , your mind , body and spirit will thank you !

To view my e-book click " Meditate into the Magic " or visit

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