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"My Skype sessions for weight loss are proving very beneficial. My situation also involved a divorce. I am now not only more calm and clear about the situation, but after 5 weekly hypnosis sessions, I have lost 19 lbs! At present, I have had no desire to overeat. On the contrary, I want to walk more and eat all healthy foods now. It truly is like magic and Laura is wonderful!"

- Alison M.

"I wanted to comment on the professionalism that Laura delivers. She not only has an amazing gift but brings it to the table with truth, wisdom and education. A true gem!"

- Claudia D

"How do I begin to Thank Laura for all she has helped me with and through? I was referred to Laura while I was in the midst of a deep cavern, and also recently widowed. Laura, with her gifts and non-traditional approach has led me to the precipice of a new life, breaking free of constraints and FEAR. None of this was possible pre-Laura. For those considering her healing methods, I pose this question to you... What do you have to lose when your world can be transformed in ways you cannot measure?"

- Michele N. RN, BS

"My sessions with Laura to date have brought me definite improvement. There were many challenges I was facing when I first came to seek her services, two months ago. The spiritual connection she has and offers to me is so important. I recommend her to anyone who feels challenged around career, social connections, and relationship issues."

- Chris S.

"I have made so many changes since I started working with Laura. I did finally leave and move out of an abusive relationship I had been in for years. As I write this, I have been living on my own now 5 months. Moving into hypnosis with Laura for my self-esteem now has me feeling so much happier and secure. Thank you Laura for not giving up on me."

 - Susana V.

" I had a first session meeting with Laura while she was in N.Y. from a friend's referral and I can tell you she radiates positive energy. I am convinced of her gifts and talents, and will continue my hypnosis sessions with her on the Skype platform as she suggested. That first session was the deciding factor for me. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me Laura!"

- Jeremy R.

"I am not exactly new to the healing arts and wanted to share this with all who take the time to read it. Laura Ellis is the REAL deal. She has been working with me through different aspects of my life with Skype treatments of which I never realized could be so amazing. Technology does have its good points! I am inspired and looking forward to the future now. "

- Bethanie R.

"If there is such a thing as a guide to a happy future, Transitions with Laura is it. I find her remarkable really and feel her to be totally engaged during our sessions. I so look forward to my weekly sessions with her as all good things are now showing up in my life after feeling like I would never get my life on track."

- Kathryn B.

"Had a great hypnosis healing session again with Laura yesterday. I felt such relief, for the first time in a long while (maybe in my life) I felt such compassion towards myself. I am excited that I know how this feels now and want more of this feeling, liberating myself of worries and my inner dialogues . A whole new relationship with my true self!"

- Zuz S.


"After just six hypnosis sessions with Laura I am 60% better. When I came to her I was worrying, crying much of the time, depressed and feeling very insecure. I feel that I now have more confidence and a sense of calm with less depressed feelings. She has been supportive and encouraging during the process also. I actually have been able to decrease my meds and don't cry like I did, To sum up this experience so far ?

" Wonderfully magical! "


- Denise M. 

"Laura has been a huge help to me throughout the years, since 2012. I value her integrity, kindness, warmth, spirit, connection, and her living a spiritual path herself. I have gained much peace and insights from Laura's intuitive coaching that has brought about many positive changes in my life. Thank you Laura for all you do and give!"             

 - Gina F.

" Laura, results from our first regression session

were remarkable! Not long after leaving you I remembered more details as you stated I might." 

I am ready to move forward...


- Henry P.

" Laura is very kind and non judgmental. She is a great listener. Her insight and experience allows her to help you with whatever issue you need help with and she was very helpful in addressing my anxiety and smoking."


  - B. Campbell

"Over the last 2 years, I have been suffering from a strange and mysterious illness. I found I had reached the limits of what traditional medicine could do for me, and I realized in order to truly heal I had to find a different path. I had tried many things,traditional cognitive behavioral therapies, acupuncture, prayer, you name it but I knew I was stuck and my own block to getting well.  Even in knowing this, I had no idea what to do to move forward -- Enter Laura Ellis! I contacted Laura and she agreed to work with me! What a blessing! I had no idea my many years of wrong thinking and stress had literally polluted my health and physical body. She is very attune to particular challenges women face and with hypnosis and her teachings, my anxiety is so much better and I feel a lightness and peace after leaving every session. I am eternally grateful and hope to continue my healing partnership with her for many years to come! I don't know if words can ever truly express my gratitude, love her!"


     -  Laurie Bell CNM

"I love my sessions with Laura. She really has the ability to connect with me on a deep Spiritual level. My Faith in myself and my self esteem have and are improving greatly. I am so Blessed to have found her and that she took me on as a huge work in progress."


    - Arianna M. 


"Hypnosis works and Laura is so easy to talk to and is understanding. She has helped me in so many ways! I came to her to stop drinking alcohol and now plain and simply I don't have the desire to drink anymore. Thank you Laura, you gave me strength and power I had forgotten I had and my life now will be forever changed.  God Bless you always."


                  - Dottie G.                            

"Wow! Entering the home office of Laura Ellis I immediately knew I was in the right place. A deep serene energy radiated everywhere, I could have stayed all afternoon if she would have let me! lol  Laura came to me as a referral and I can say she is a woman who walks the talk, focused and educated. A rare find and I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about making changes in their lives. I came for a past life experience and have actually had two now with her, she is an expert and has set my expectations much higher than they were."

   - Lisa M.

"I feel I am making  and or made really strong progress with Laura. It has been an amazing experience with her."


    - Jason B

" Upon my first visit I felt very comfortable with Laura. As a professional myself I understood her approach to my situation and completely agreed with her process for my changes. I am nine weeks in to date and remain fully optimisitc with my overcoming once and for all the turbulent challenges I have faced for many years. For anyone reading this, Laura's methods work, she is a GREAT teacher and hypnotist just to name what I have witnessed so far." 


                        - Carla V.

"Meeting Laura has been life changing for me. I contacted her for weight loss help and received so much more from module 1 that I completed. I was skeptical at first but optimistic with this approach as I have tried many programs during my life. Not only am I eating healthy foods but I am wanting them. My junk food cravings are gone without any effort on my part. It is truly mind blowing that the hypnosis sessions have done this.  In addition, I find myself more focused and more relaxed in all aspects of my life. I got so much from the first module I wanted to go further and so I start module 2 next week and cannot wait. Laura truly takes a great amount of time to get to know you and she cares! She is truly gifted." 


    - Terri L.

 "Revelation comes to mind within my healing process with Laura. I am mindful of where I am now verses where I was 2 months ago. Day to day I have realizations brought forth from our sessions that continue to give me A-HA moments."


                                                     - Aliz S. 

" You Laura are an awesome hypnotist! I appreciate your honesty, your challenging me to remain committed and take action. Your real support in my weight loss challenge has me not only feeling better but slimming down as the weeks go by." I could never have imagined all this! But according to you I did! "

 -  Maria T.

" In my initial six sessions with Laura I find myself more confident in my ability to move forward. She tells you what most therapists won't regarding hard life lessons. I would recommend Laura and her transformational healing methods because she is amazing!"

         - Chelsea E.


"Thank you Laura, You have helped me move some deep mountains regarding love, trust while giving me an overall sense of security and less stress. I repeatedly found myself behaving differently to situations, subtle with a sense of relief and the ability to be more present to what is truly important. That for me is priceless."


- N.N. 

"I want to thank you Laura for everything you've done and all the time you've put towards me.

I feel so grateful to have found you and to have been in your presence. You are truly amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


- Emma W.


" Laura you have been truly amazing and telling me of what I needed to hear. You are truly quite an amazing soul. God has given you a beautiful gift. I learned a lot from you during our sessions and I will carry it with me as I travel thru my journey. Love you!"           


 - Amy S.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Laura in dealing with several rather overwhelming life changing events. One a job loss and the second the loss of my son after a 2 year battle with terminal cancer.

With understanding and empathy, Laura helped me navigate the emotional roller coaster I faced dealing with these challenges. Having "interviewed" several therapists prior to Laura and with clarity that she is not a medical practitioner, upon meeting with her I felt an immediate spiritual connection and I felt from our initial meeting that she was the one I could trust and work with.

I can honestly say she saved me from the emotional battle that I was fighting.

I recommend Laura without hesitation to anyone who is dealing with emotional problems or just needs that extra "push" to help them thru their issues.

To Laura...Thank you and God Bless."


- Chris Supra.


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