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Hypnotherapy Program

Perfect Image,Life Changing Hypnotherapy Program!

15 min.  |  Free initial consult

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The first 6 weeks will have you amazed at your new feelings towards food choices, effortless!
Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder - our whole worlds are. Perfect Image Hypnosis is a program crafted exclusively for women that are seeking sustainable hypnotherapy naturally. No diets, no weighing in on scales, no drugs or diet packaged foods. Celebrities have used this technique for decades. The programs are structured in 6,12, and 18 week modules dependent on your hypnotherapy goals. After which a bi-monthly maintenance session option is recommended. Specific personalized hypnosis sessions in the first 6 weeks address primarily your emotions. Emotional eating patterns, as all weight challenges are rooted in the emotions which is why diets don't work for long! This lose weight intelligently program can safely and effectively bring you amazing results. The mind is a powerful force - so if you are interested in weight loss without diets and harmful drugs, rejuvenation and slowing the visible signs of aging and to become healthier arrange for your free 15 minute consultation before booking.
These programs consisting of weekly hourly sessions either in office or via Skype. Here is a general outline of what you will receive with your weekly amazing hypnosis weight loss program modules 1-3:

* Habit reversal techniques
* Creating a daily practice to support your weight loss goal
* Reduce emotional eating and snacking
* Boost your metabolism, increase your desire to exercise
* Removal of fears that may have you afraid of being slim and healthier
* Portion control at mealtimes
Clients can and have lost anywhere from 15 to 58 lbs on the average with this program and have kept this weight off gracefully. Larger weight loss goals would require a longer program or gastric band hypnosis and can be discussed during your complimentary phone consultation.
The fee for the complete 6 week program ( module 1 ) is $1200.00
Longer term programs are available for those who only need to lose 20 lbs and more which is why we require you to invest 15 minutes of your time and arrange your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation. Learn more by reading our FAQ page here.

Payment plans available with Sezzle at the checkout.

Bi-monthly maintenance sessions offered after completion of any program here are $100.00.

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Hypnotherapy program
15 min.
Free initial consult

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