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This is a 2 hypnotic guided meditation set to be listened to at bedtime for a minimum of 30 consecutive days with earbuds and or headphones for optimal subconscious listening power. Using this stop smoking audio program helps you to stop smoking naturally and easily at a pace that is right for you! You will be programming your mind to not only repair your body from the effects of smoking but addressing the emotional cravings.


Your mind has been programmed to feel this smoking habit is one that you enjoy even when the facts of the damage are presented to you may still not be enough to help you quit. That is because the subconscious mind has been programmed to the smoking being o.k.  It's clearly unhealthy and not ok, as well as socially unacceptable. Vaping is not a safe alternative either. Listen to the first track for 14 consecutive days followed by the second  hypnotic meditation ( track 2 ) for 14 days for better results.

Start today and you will be on your road to success!

        *Never listen to these mp3s while driving.*


There are no refunds on the digitals due to nature and platform of the work, all rights reserved 2020 Transitions Liaison Global.

Stop Smoking mp3 set

  • I was notified this new 2 hypnosis mediation set was available and have purchased it. I find this to be a great tool to quit smoking as I am already finding I can avoid the cravings of yesterday. I highly recommend this product if you are serious about quitting smoking.

    ~ Melinda B.


    Even after the first day of listening I noticed the urge to smoke had lessened! Thank you Laura!  ~ Patricia K.


    Just purchased this mp3 set. I went to sleep while playing the first track and awoke this morning feeling not as anxious about my goal in quitting this awful habit, I cannot wait to see what the next 30 days of listening will bring! 

    ~ Harvey W.


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