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This guided mp3 has been instrumental in assisting Laura's clients with their self-esteem regarding weight challenges. As we continue to launch our new Perfect Image Hypnosis Weight Loss Series digitals know these are not a substitute for personalized one on one hypnosis sessions with Laura however, can be of great benefit to you listened nightly for 30 day consecutive days. Science shows it takes a minimum of 30 days to change habits of mind. Hypnosis accelerates these changes for epic sustainable results. At the root cause of almost all weight issues are deeply rooted / hidden emotional triggers. Allow this brain wave meditation to begin and build back your confidence and begin to change your life to your Perfect Image.   These digitals should be always listened to with headphones and or earbuds at bedtime.  If you fall asleep while listening it is just fine as the subconscious is always listening.


* Note: Never listen to these hypnotic mp3s while driving.

*All sales are final.

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