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Why all the delays ?

What have you been putting off ?

Almost all of us delay necessary actions from time to time. I also am aware that procrastination can be one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. There can be something in your life you know has to get done. Often times , it isn’t even something difficult really…however , you have made it so in your mind . Instead you do anything you can think of —-wash dishes , organize files, walk the dog rather than do the thing you actually need to do .

Perhaps you are even procrastinating right now .

Putting things off can and will drain your energy and wastes the precious time we all have been given . Dreams go by the wayside. It is a bad habit / pattern . Often times a pattern developed from early childhood , even fear of success .

The author Napoleon Hill once said : ” Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday ” .

Exercise some discipline , and just go ahead and do ” it ” anyway . If it is truly a consistent challenge for you, then you may want to explore the whys to produce positive changes as with Hypnotherapy and or Transformational Life Coaching. Coaches hold you accountable and help bring positive change into your life.

Be Well !

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