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What's All the Talk About EFT?

Over the last 12 years since I founded Transitions Liaison Global I have learned of many "newer" techniques that have been resurrected if you will, as hacks to fast life changes. Here is the issue I have with the following:

EFT aka Emotional Freedom Technique is a viable modality however not sustainable. It works on the specific energy centers ( points) similar to acupuncture. The individual uses their hand to tap on specific areas of their hands, upper torso, face and head to focus and release any seeming blocks to what they are working on to change. Yes, it can work rather quickly depending on the individuals ability to trust the universe / source energy. The challenge then becomes unless you become a mean green tapping machine day after day it is not a sustainable viable modality. I have had many clients come to me and repeating what I have just stated here. So.......?

Next is EMDR aka eye shift codes to hack root cause issues. Again, not sustainable. And I have found that is not a new modality but one that has been repackaged from the early 1980's from a company once named SyberVision. SyberVision had put out a cassette series packaged of 8 along with a study guide ( which I actually have and purchased from a nearby thrift store) that contain and teaches these eye shift codes with a 30 day action plan. It claims to extinguish self-defeating behaviors via the brain and nervous system. Three dimensional visualization via the intelligent eye which they state is the pathway to the brain. Hmmmmm....

Here is what I know for sure, individuals must access the unconscious mind in a deep state of hypnosis, meditation is great to bring awareness to thoughts and as a daily practice however hypnosis changes your thoughts that were programmed within you at a very early age and or three to four generations prior to this lifetime. Hypnosis dates back to the Egyptian times and would make sense how they were able to access superconscious that allowed them futuristic knowledge. Hypnotherapy

is the only viable way I know of that brings not only accelerated life changes but is also sustainable as it reaches the root cause to change the effect to set us free!

Want to learn more? I offer everyone a complimentary phone consultation which can be arranged via the website link above and or by phoning in to 386-492-6492.

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