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Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

The weight loss program that forces extra pounds to drop off. Do you want to learn more about this weight loss secret?

Trying to "lose" weight is the wrong approach. ( Do This instead)

Research clearly has shown that over 95% of people who manage to "lose" weight gain it all back,

and most will end up weighing more than when they started.

That's why the solution isn't counting calories and doing hours of cardio at the gym, the secret is that the true solution starts in your mind.

Instead of trying to lose weight, you need to reach the subconscious mind and through hypnosis your mind will then RELEASE weight..

My clients that have come to me for weight loss and complete their personalized program have RELEASED their extra weight once and for all - 60 days is the general rule for the weight loss program. The program I have developed consists of 8 weekly hypnosis sessions, nutritional guidance to ADD to your daily menu, mp3 weight control support in between sessions, 24/7 email support during your process and visualization techniques for moderate weight loss. ( Longer programs may be needed for significant weight loss goals.)

Here's the best part to celebrate Summer...

I am offering for a limited time only, the 8 week Hypnosis Weight Loss program @ 40% off ( Ends Wednesday June 10th, 2020.

I neglected to mention, with my revolutionary Hypnosis Weight Loss program your weight loss goals will be reached as the subconscious forces the weight to fall off without dieting, pills or willpower...

Paypal credit is also available if needed and offered at 0% interest for up to six months! Clicking below will direct you to my website where you can call in

and claim your 40% limited time offer.

( Summer Special ends Wednesday 6/10/2020)

Caring for your success!

Laura K. Ellis D.A. Hyp CPLT

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