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To Love …our deepest desire

Most people would agree consciously , that their desire for certainty and Love is at the forefront of their everyday lives. Yet many seem to not be able to attract that which they feel so strongly about into their lives..or if they do it becomes a dysfunctional partnership / situation.   Many times after a few  short years of marriage for example ..the partner becomes that which you would not have chosen after all . So, why then did you choose this individual you ask ? Maybe a better question would be why did they choose you ?

The answers to these questions lie deep in the subconscious mind . 

 We tend to follow patterns that were ” installed ” in our minds at a very young age . These patterns are learned from life experiences we were exposed to prior to the age of 10 . if you think of it this way …we learned to ride a bicycle for example at a young age most likely and how did that happen ? We continued to practice , over and over again so that now we can jump on a bicycle even without further practice and ride away . Our mind responds to drawing of relationships the same way , as it also does for addictions etc. We need to heal ourselves , transform our minds , if we truly want to live a rich full life .

I have lived what I teach and feel experience along with knowledge is key to assisting others heal and move forward .

You can live the life of your dreams , attract the healthy relationship , move past deep embedded blocks and experience a new freedom …it requires courage and commitment for lasting positive changes..however, what are the alternatives ? Are they working for you ?

I have just published another e-book entitled ” Are You Easy To Love ” ? included is a true romance story that began as… 🙂

Here is the link

I want to welcome all your comments ..

Be Well ,

Reverend Laura Ellis CPLT

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