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The Subconscious - a Super Computer

The battle of the two minds. Most often this battle is caused because of conflicting core beliefs and the subconscious mind remains tugging away at the thoughts of the conscious mind. You see, the conscious mind's capacity for processing information is minuscule in comparison to that of the subconscious mind.

For example: The conscious mind processes information at a rate of 40 per second; whereas the subconscious mind processes information at a rate of a whopping 20,000,000 per second! The subconscious mind is in fact an amazing resource, a super computer. So why were we not told and taught this extremely valuable information? Control of society? I would say yes to that.

The key now is to grow in knowledge and wisdom, awareness, so we can make the changes that are key for positive outcomes in our lives. Install a new program(s) in your "hard drive" with Hypnotherapy. A person may may think they are in control of their thoughts however, without getting through to those old beliefs taken in at a young age the super-powerful subconscious mind is actually directing the show from those learned embedded beliefs.

When we sleep the subconscious mind takes over keeping all of our organs functioning, dreams occuring, and then waking us. That's a huge daily task if we think of it and yet so many take it all for granted. People remain confused from the past programs and all the constant daily chatter of the monkey mind, aka / the conscious mind. So not to continue to seemingly bash the conscious mind which does enable us to think, the subconscious mind directs how you think, so who do you believe you are? As Eckhart Tolle states " You Are Not Your Mind."

We are spiritual beings, body, mind and spirit. I will go so far as to state what most consider to be normal is actually not. The paranormal is. You, the real you, are spirit. Your mind reflects back to you who you have become based on past programming. Painful feelings and emotions associated with these events / programs keep people focused on the drama and so your spirit self remains hidden.

Are you ready to come out now and play this game of life?

The subconscious super computer will respond when the conscious mind is led to distraction under hypnosis. Repetition is also a key factor to obtain sustainable results. We all have the God given ability to change our life experiences, habits, unwanted behaviours and the amazing subconscious mind is ready and willing to assist!

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