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Our Negative Childhood Experiences

Our painful experiences collected in childhood and reinforced by other emotional wounds at a later stage build up within us as a negative emotional charge that lies in our subconscious mind, restricting our ability to experience full happiness, success and prosperity. It pervades life, coloring our view of everything and preventing the development of true intimacy in our relationships. The negative emotional charge can also manifest in personality traits such as: pessimism, being controlling, victim mentality, critical, low self-esteem, poverty complex, addictions and more.

This stored cellular memory or emotional " pain-body " as Eckhart Tolle puts it is a negative energy field. It occupies our attention causing us to identify with pain as part of who we are, but it is only the ego, not the true person we are.

Our subconscious beliefs, reinforced by our conscious experiences lead us to believe we are our egoic minds. We have lost touch with the original sense of who we are, or as I refer to this as a loss of core indentity. This past programming causes a great conflict within us because we are not being our authentic selves; we are not living in truth. As a result, many people try to run from the mental anguish and resort to methods of sedation in an attempt to escape. Too many people do not know how to heal the conflict within and so they sadly continue to live unconsciously and can even manifest


BUT, " love, joy, health, and peace can flourish once you have freed yourself from mind dominance.

Getting to the root cause under hypnosis stored deeply in the subconscious mind can transform your life!

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