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Hypnotherapy Verses Traditional Talk Therapy

When it comes to emotional healing, talk therapy can take years because there are so many layers being unpacked. After you have uncovered the root cause of your challenge, you begin to heal that area slowly very slowly.

Hypnosis is different because it goes directly to the root cause of the challenge without all the side roads. Once at this level, where the past trauma/negative information resides, hypnotherapy can help heal old wounds within weeks, not years! This level is know as "the subconscious mind," which contains all our memories and experiences. Past lives too!

During a hypnosis session, the subconscious mind is "watched" through a process called "hypnotic regression." It works by toggling back and forth from the conscious to the subconscious mind, which allows you to heal at both these levels simultaneously. This way of healing rapidly accelerates emotional change in the individual who has been suffering from unresolved issues for years, decades, or even a lifetime!

It is so effective that there have been cases where individuals have eliminated limiting core beliefs at rapid speeds that are difficult for some to understand. Here is one example, Ron White the famous stand up comedian was recently on a podcast where he stated he needed to quit his drinking habit.

He looked into a couple rehab facilities near his home in California that wanted a whopping $100,000 for a 30 day stay. A friend of his suggested he go to a hypnotherapist and Ron stated within 5 weeks he completely stopped drinking. Now not all individuals can accomplish a stronghold habit in such a short period of time even with the best hypnotherapist. It really depends on the individual's true desire to heal, however in my almost 12 years of practice I have found that even the most resistant client can change in a range of 4-18 weeks! Not years.

The subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of our memories, and it also can suppress memories and negative emotions attached to specific memories. This way, hypnosis can help rewire the brain so that the old memories no longer provoke a negative emotional response but instead becomes experienced as pure neutral data.

Know that with hypnotherapy there is an investment as insurance is rarely used if at all. Know that with an experienced hypnotherapist emotional wounding and or negative programs of mind can be "deleted" or replaced with positive feelings like happiness, inner peace and joy.

Conclusion: Deep emotional healing can take years with traditional talk therapy, but it does not have to. Hypnotherapy is safe and a highly effective modality to address the deep-rooted issues and forever releasing them from the subconscious mind. If you reading this or someone you know has been struggling for decades with unresolved issues contact me. As a multi-certified hypnotherapist I work closely with my clients through the process to bring success in a pleasant environment and also virtually to obtain the best results. There is always a brief complimentary phone consultation prior to booking my services in which we can discuss your needs and to feel if we are a good fit to work together. What will this New Year 2022 be like for you?

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