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Hypnosis for Ultimate Weight Loss

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

As a Hypnotherapist, I am in the business of saving lives,

helping individuals to become healthier, happier, and make better choices within their lives. The individuals that come to me usually have tried multiple healing techniques, inclusive of pharma and failed. Only when addressing the subconscious mind via Hypnotherapy, are these individuals able to move past the obstacles that have caused them so much misery, stress and health issues. I help them with what may end up being the most important change they will ever make in their life!

My weight loss clients that come to me have also tried many times to lose the access weight only to gain it back it again. Why? Because the weight loss /diet systems are not created to sustain the weight loss, only to bring those individuals back again and again and so the diet industry has become a multi- billion dollar a year industry. Others who have undergone (God forbid) gastric bypass surgery not only run the risk of serious side effects but have also gained the weight back again after time. Why? This serious surgery is not getting to the root cause of all weight challenges which are emotionally based and or generationally programmed if you will.

Hypnosis is not magic, although many of my clients would state that it is...but an intelligent way to use the mind most effectively. The subconscious is a storehouse of memory and everything you were exposed to as an infant, as a child, has become a part of you. We become the products of our environments. So with weight loss hypnotherapy we begin in addressing the mind, the emotions.

Make sense? All weight loss challenges are deeply rooted in the emotions. My clients have lost the weight subtly and have sustained that weight loss naturally.

My Perfect Image weight loss program consists of 6-18 weeks of weekly sessions either in office and or via Skype. The amount of sessions needed depends on how much weight needs to come off and how the individual processes new information. I do offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs and answer any questions, you may arrange that by request when visiting the website.

"What the mind can conceive, the body will achieve!"

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