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Hypnosis and Spirituality Connected?

For those of you have not yet been clients of mine the foundation of my work is made p of mind, body and spirit. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings and these three aspects ( trinity ) of our being are so different and yet so integrated that one part cannot be affected without having some effect on the other two. If you have an emotional challenge, it will affect you physically and spiritually. If you have a spiritual challenge, it affects you emotionally and physically. Accepting this theory of the human trinity, one understands that life is more than just being alive mentally and physically.

So in my work as a highly developed natural empath firstly, when a client contacts me I able to "see" much of what is at the root of their challenge. My work then becomes bringing them to awareness of what that might be they are in denial of conciously. Hypnosis dates back to ancient Egyptian times and is a powerful gift / tool I implement that helps individuals that come to me to experience a more abundant life. My experience over the last nine years has demonstrated that individuals with a foundation of belief in a higher mind power ( God ) respond extremely well to hypnosis and my techniques. When someone is functioning in all levels ( physical, emotional, and spiritual), life is more joyful, more productive and healthy. Reaching the unconscious mind is the only way I have seen lasting positive changes in the lives of many individuals, hence my passion for my work.

Know, that if someone is willing, ( desire for change is key) given the proper use of hypnosis; we can heal the broken heart, release those captive to their negative thoughts and emotions, be set free of unhealthy habits, and set at liberty those who remain bound once and for all.

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