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Hypnosis and Mentoring Online

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During these confusing times it is more important than ever to keep our mindsets healthy.

We are being bombarded day and night with so much negative information of which most is

not even true that many individuals have lost sight of their goals and dreams.

I am here to tell you to never give up! I myself over the last 30 years could have easily done so which is inclusive of a near death experience. Looking back today, this cureent so called global crisis is a cakewalk compared to so many other life experiences. Think of those in concentration camps that beat the odds for example. We are stronger than we realize however knowledge is power when put into action. Constructive knowledge that is. We also weren't meant to divide and conquer alone. That being said, in my 10 year practice I have recently put together a monthly mentor plan for those individuals who want professional guidance, 24/7 text support and answers to some of their important questions all from the comfort of their own personal space - at home. You can learn more about this plan and enroll by clicking the highlighted above.

Also know even though the office space has now resumed seeing clients our virtual Skype sessions will always be available for those who are not local and just prefer to save travel time, and remain in the the comfort of their homes, even in their pajamas! Healing from home... Virtual sessions are just as effective however in my opinion not suitable for all hypnosis services which can be discussed during a complimentary phone consult prior.

And if this news isn't enough... we have just opened our online shop May 2020 with our carefully crafted hypnotic guided meditations on mp3, ebooks, with more to come and from an established

source you can trust! Check it out

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