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Healing Addictions with Hypnotherapy

When it appears impossible to put a end to substance abuse and or a behavior pattern in one's life I can inform you that with hypnotherapy facilitated by a certified professional it is absolutely possible.

Why? Because our beliefs are so powerful that they create our health, our happiness and our lives. The beliefs that are held in our subconscious minds, whether positive or negative, are reflected in our life circumstances.

Every disease /addiction is a reflection of a false belief system within us. Our bodies are speaking to us! The distress within our bodies is asking us to change the underlying cause - the beliefs are not working for our highest good. We are all products of our environments from infancy to the age of 10. We download our parents' beliefs and so grow to behave accordingly. These beliefs worthy or undeserving, safe or at risk, healthy or sickly, as examples, become programs that create our reality as adults.

It makes an enormous difference whether we were raised in an environment of acceptance or criticism, nurturing or abuse, calmness or anxiety, happiness or anger, security or fear based, because these are the filters we grow to view the world in. These child environment issues can actually go back two - three generations. To the subconscious mind addiction is addiction it makes no difference really if it was drug abuse exposure or verbal abuse. Given we are speaking about addiction here, under hypnosis addicted personalities are able recall memories from the past and in this deep trance state of mind can develop a new healthy perspective towards their addiction. Hypnotherapy can also strengthen the will so not to suffer as the cravings and urges gently subside.

I have found in the thirteen years of my practice that clients who have been exposed to these negative patterns and beliefs that lead to addiction are really at their core seeking to protect themselves. As children they learn to bury their pain and hold back part of their authentic self. The result if not treated at the root cause of the addiction ie; mind, which hypnotherapy addresses becomes a loss of their authentic self, living through the patterns they observed from the adults in their world early on.

Hypnotherapy is a means of unlocking the addicts true potential. It is a safe modality, natural and noted as a viable means to free people from mental bondage. It dates back to the Egyptian times and later not appreciated by the religious establishment, which wanted to retain control of the people. Fortunately, what has been a secret for millennia is now becoming mainstream public knowledge.

If you would like to learn more of this evidence based modality, reach out to request a complimentary phone consultation to:

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